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When it comes to popular casino online games then cards are number one. It is the traditions on which gambling was based and formed under. Card games have been around for centuries and in the case of Teen Patti, it has long been an Indian tradition.

Here our guide on Teen Patti Online looks at the presentation of the game that now plays inside of the best casinos online. Know as 3 Patti, this game comes in two formats, you can enjoy Teen Patti live against real-time dealers and as a digital game. So, let’s present the world of Teen Patti to you in all of its glory.

Presenting the Teen Patti cash game

Teen Patti online is the same as the game you would traditionally play outside of an online gambling environment.

The game is sometimes known as 3 Patti or is spelled as Teen Pathi. If you are unaware of this game, then allow us to explain all there is to know of this optional Teen Patti cash game.

It is an Indian card game that is based on the 3-card brag game played by the British. The game plays using a typical 52 card pack. The ranking of the cards retains their face value with the ace being the highest. On average a single game consists of 4 to 7 players taking part.

Bets are placed at the start, similar to all other online card games.

Now, with Teen Patti online, you can play just you and the dealer, the extra players are not necessary.

Teen Patti is won by forming the best three-card hand, like a mini-poker game. If you know how to play poker, then the Teen Patti rules are very much the same.

Enjoy best Teen Patti inside the top casinos

Teen Patti online is available amongst the best casinos. It is a niche game, so not every casino will offer it, but those wishing to play will have enough opportunity to play it throughout numerous casinos.

Because of the affiliation of 3 Patti with Indian people, many of the casinos also offer a number of Teen Patti rewards or casino bonuses. These are limited but they are available. If you take your time in picking the right online casino to join, you will find these Teen Patti online rewards.

The game is predominantly offered by casinos as a live feature, very few have digital RNG games.

Live Teen Patti is presented by Indian-speaking dealers, to whom, you are able to communicate throughout the game.

Get the live casino experience

When it comes to Teen Patti live, there is currently only one developer making the service possible, Ezugi. The Ezugi Teen Patti tables are the most popular in India. They are masters in producing Teen Patti cash games that come with native-speaking dealers. If you find Teen Patti online as a live feature, guaranteed it will have been made by Ezugi.

Teen Patti or 3 Patti, is not the only traditional Indian casino game out there. There is also the option to play Andar Bahar inside the same casinos.

Now, Andar Bahar is also commonly available as a digital game, but its live gaming is available.

Capitalise on real money games

Teen Patti is just one of many online casino card games you can play inside of the best casinos online.

Taking the mantel for the most popular online card game is blackjack. This is an incredibly easy game to play and is available in both a digital and live gaming format. Blackjack is a simple game whereby you are dealt two cards and your aim is to score a total of 21 from the cards or as close to 21 without going over that amount. During the game more cards can be provided, there are actions a player can use to form two hands over the dealer single, and you can raise your bet.

After blackjack, the next most renowned card game is Poker. Poker is what Teen Patti is based on, but in this case, you play with 5 card hands, not 3. There are 10 different ways to win poker given that there are 10 different forms of hand that can be produced from the cards.

Poker is available with different variants, a common one being video poker. You can play poker digitally or live and you can even take part in online poker tournaments.

Baccarat is the niche card game in the West. Seen as one for the high rollers out there. Baccarat is a game that came to fame when the fictional character James Bond was associated with it inside of Ian Flemings novels and later in the movies that followed.

Baccarat plays without the cards 10 and those higher. The object of the game is to get a total of 9 from the cards dealt. Getting 9 may seem hard with 9 being the highest car, but if you say, have a 7 and a 6 which equals 13, you remove the first digit making your score 3 and you can then move to claim an additional card.

What bonuses you’re able to claim

Teen Patti online comes with available bonuses inside of India’s top casinos. Though not guaranteed all year round, you will come across these rewards and offers for Teen Patti throughout your membership.

Mostly for Live Teen Patti online, the bonuses will grant you additional credit to help you play and be successful. Though it is hugely advised to read the terms and conditions before using any bonus, often enough, there is a demand to pay in a deposit first to be able to claim the allowance.

The expense of the bonus will vary from site to site, also the type of bonus it is. Often the welcome bonus is somewhat larger than all others as it is used to encourage players into the casino. Any bonuses for Teen Patti online that are within the standard on-going promotions tend to be lower in value.

Other available casino games

Teen Patti online is a fun and easy game to play. Once you know the Teen Patti rules, you may also have the confidence to try normal poker. If Teen Patti or the option of Live Teen Patti online along with any other card game just isn’t your thing, then there are still plenty of other casino games available. The more obvious choice being online casino slot machines. There are also the progressive jackpot slots. Players in Indian can also enjoy sports betting, with live coverage of Indian cricket. You can access all national cricket games and international tournaments.

Then there is also the opportunity to play lottery games that include bingo, keno, and scratch cards. You are not short of options if you wish to add Teen Patti to your list of games or not.

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